Containing Clutter

I HATE Clutter. Lucky for me, The Container Store is coming to my neighborhood. My first purchase is going to be this dandy clutter-buster that is the perfect solution to one of my most bothersome areas. Here is the messy before…….FullSizeRender

And here is the PERFECT SOLUTION, and the cubbies are adjustable!


Rocky Project

In January I began a little “free art” project with painted rocks. The first one was placed at the oldest Ox Cart maker in Costa Rica in the town of Saachi. They are all named Rocky and I post a picture of Rocky with clear hints about where he has been left. The rock is always in a public space, in plain sight and outside for anyone to find. It has been gratifying to learn that friends have actually gone on Rocky hunts and now live with their own Rocky friend. I imagine the others being stumbled upon by an unsuspecting, but observant strangers, and bringing a smile to at least one face. I am continuing to paint and “drop off” Rocky here and there.

Fresh Start

DSC00188DSC00192Sometimes you just have to “shovel” off the work table. ┬áThis will be a far more productive week thanks to a little cleaning and organizing time this morning. Can I keep it like this?

Dia De Los Muertos


It is the season for “day of the dead” sugar skull artwork. I wood burned and painted this side table before I assembled it. I had a little melt-down this week when I thought I had painted one of the pieces backwards. I even went on Facebook to whine about it. Turns out I did paint it right and am very happy with the results.

Time for ANOTHER Doodle Book.


I have mentioned before, part of my drawing practice is a daily doodle “journal”. It is a handy record of meetings and promises in cartoon doodle form. With each new book, I do a new cover decoration. This time I made a canvas “book cover” that can be reused. A little raw canvas, acrylic paint, my own hand carved stamps and a sharpie or two and two straight lines of stitching and it is ready!

I LOVE Doing Big Projects


Here are the steps from a large pile of wood bits to a painted and then assembled chest. I really love this piece. I like it so much I already have another one. It is like assembling a jigsaw puzzle because I do all the painting before assembly so it is a fun surprise for me to see it all together.



It’s been two months since my 15 year old feline companion’s life came to an end. I still look for him every time I come home. I think I hear him in the house. It is amazing how painful the loss of a pet is. My heart goes out to every one who has loved and lost a pet.